Video Productions

(2006 – 2015)

Since 2006 Marco has focused on the interaction between video and live music. As a result of his research, he presented “Movements” with Pixel Orchestra at the Enzimi Festival at the Aquarium of Rome. “Movements” crossed the bridge between sound and vision, becoming the turning point for his work which shifted from music to video.

Marco has ranged between theatre and contemporary dance, filming the performances of Daniela Capacci’s award-winning Compagnia DanzaRicerca. Together with the famous director and video editor Mario Morra, he worked on a documentary series for SKY Channels. From there to web-TV and TV-on-demand the step was short: Marco worked for the leading Telecommunication Company Ericsson, constantly driven by his passion for experimentation and new technologies.
Together with Marco Giacometti, he has filmed many shows and events for the Regional Committee of Lazio C.I.P. and made all the promotional videos for the Minerva Club Resort & Golf in Marina di Sibari.

At the beginning of the new decade Marco worked mainly on videoclips, combining his know-how as a director and video-maker with his background as a musician. He shot the live video for the band Stormlord at Blackout and for Clave Cubana at Capannelle Festival, both in Rome. Then he filmed “Encuentro” live at Villa Celimontana and “Bien prendido” for El Tigre & Mister Ray. In collaboration with the Agoge Records label, Marco has made videos for emerging bands on the indie scene.

However, the real turning point was “Liquido Amniotico”  at Rialto in Rome with Daniele Sterpetti’s “Arti Illesi” Dance Company. This time Marco left the camera to jump across the stage. From here on, he became the performer of his own pièces. Both “MartireMediatico” and Graffi were performed at the Duncan 3.0 – Contemporary Dance Center. “Graffi” took place in June 2017 in Pelanda (former Factory) at the Museum of Contemporary Arts MACRO in Rome, together with his brand new pièce “Situazioni d’Artista”.


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