MEGAGONG is not only a sculpture but a concept, a design object, and a musical instrument. It draws its inspiration from traditional gongs, used for their evocative sonic characteristics in multiple rituals of different mystical cultures.

MEGAGONG is a unique electro-acoustic instrument that makes use of the digital support that exceeds both in harmonic richness and sustain the original, plus it can be connected to a chain of additional effects with infinite tonal possibilities.


Courtesy 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery


MEGAGONG ‘Eclisse’
Courtesy 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery

MEGAGONG is conceptually realized to give harmony to your environment both in passive mode due to its minimal luminous aspect, and in active mode for the sonic range that allows you to experiment.  Overall, it exceeds everything art is supposed to make you feel, triggering over four senses at once to give you an experience of a lifetime.


MEGAGONG ‘RA’ as seen in: