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The Longevity Calculator is the forth of the six ComPUSters by Marco Guglielmi ReImmortal.

The big pharmaceutical companies are the main industry of death  much more so then the war industry. Their increasing profits require them to produce more and more sick people, and keeping them permanently sick.
So they need to devise ever more subtle and pervasive systems to induce people to lose their health: such as create new unhealthy habits, mystify information, seduce with false promises of well-being that actually produce disease and death.


Mostra Personale @ BeDifferent Art Show
18 – 23 November, Chiesa dell’Abbazia della Misericordia, Venice (Italy)


Catalogo monografico “Marco Guglielmi 2017” ed. 11HellHeaven Contemporary. ISBN 9788892692497. Curatrice: Dr. Stefania Minutaglio. Pp. 46 – 51

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