Oracle Templum

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Like Megabell Templum and Mudra Templum, Oracle is also designed for the reactivation of the chakras, according to the principles of traditional yoga philosophy.
ORACLE is part of a series of installations for healing called Templum, inspired by traditional instruments on a monumental scale, and are the result of decades of sonic research that made Reimmortal so unique as a sound designer and sound engineer.

Like Mudra, also Oracle Templum is made of seven MegaXylophones tuned to the seven notes of the Chakras. But in this case the MegaXylophones are joined together in a single continuous band, while in Mudra they all are separeted into individual elements that can be configured as separate. Although experience is less immersive in this case, Oracle has the advantage of being more compact than Mudra. This means:

* it takes up less space
* it needs less management
* it has lower maintenance costs.

Like Megabell Templum and Mudra Templum, Oracle has an app for smart devices (CHAKRAPHONE). The same app can manage all three different Temples (Megabell, Mudra, Chakra) at once.

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