Foresta e Albero “Dimmi”

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Albero Sonico (Sonic Tree)

“Albero Dimmi (Tell me Tree)” is the new artwork by Marco Guglielmi based on the concept of “ComPUSter”, the installation winner of the 5th Award at the Florence Biennale.

d_VENEZIA_BDF_s“Foresta Dimmi”. Venezia, Chiesa dell’Abbazia della Misericordia.

This artwork investigates the decline of social, economic and scientific systems whereof only nature escapes. Nature itself addresses us with a pressing question in the form of a copper structure modelled as a question mark, to which the artist has given the name “Tell me”.
“Foresta Dimmi” (Tell me Forest) was a site-specific installation for the Church of Misericordia in Venice in November 2017, during the finissage of Venice Biennale. Under the vault of the starry medieval roof, the “Tell Mes” stood to manifest the urgency of an incessant question about the why of things.


“Albero Dimmi” (Tell me Tree) is the next step in the concept: the installation comes out in a natural environment, albeit contextualized in the urban fabric. The question about the why of things spreads directly from nature itself, en-plein-air. It is a silent question in a non-verbal language that is – first and foremost –  an energetic and emotional exchange.  The artwork intends to shed light on the “difficult paradox” (as the artist himself describes it ) of using words – an arbitrary invention for social interplay that pretends to describe emotions and replace sensitivity.

Albero Dimmi” is based on the ideas of sustainability, environmental preservation, and biodiversity giving shape to a relationship between nature and culture as a synergistic system where the respect of all forms of life prevails.


“Arte tra le mura”
31 March – 08 April 2018, Castello di Marostica (VI), Italy

Mostra Personale @ BeDifferent Art Show
18 – 23 November, Chiesa dell’Abbazia della Misericordia, Venice (Italy)


 “BeDifferent Art Show 2017 – Edizione Zero: A new kind of Beauty” ed. 11HellHeaven Contemporary. ISBN 9788892692978. Curatrice: Dr. Stefania Minutaglio.

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