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In 2021, Marco started to plan the expansion of his “Megagong” to “Hypergong” and “Ultragong” on urban environments, islands, and large territories in the US, Middle East and Far East. With the new projects, the harmonic and regenerative power of Megagong is brought to a monumental scale.

The first pilot project for Ultragong was “MOON” in the Emirates and in Saudi Arabia.

“MOON” is a complex of three Ultragongs 150 mt. high. The three Moon represent three elements in their purest form and in perfect geometry: the water, the air of the mountain, the sand of the desert. “MOON” is the excellence in artwork, engineering, sound design. It was designed for Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and is perfectly integrated into the local community, using all local resources, craftmanship, technology, and materials.

Each Moon hosts a museum.
The Earth Moon in the desert hosts the Historical Museum.

The Water Moon in the see hosts the Acquarium and Marine Museum.

The Water Moon can be visited from the outside and inside.
Divers will float in a magical world where the sun rays fade in colored lights.

The Air Moon on the montain hosts the Science and Technology Museum.

Each Ultragong is tuned to a different sound in order to generate a harmonic chord of peace. It is intended to be played at specific times during the day. An attendant will use a special mallet connected to the gong’s pneumatic hammer via radio frequencies. An electronic system will balance the sound in order to keep it soft, and yet let it travel for kilometers.

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