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In 2021, Marco started to plan the expansion of his “Megagong” to “Hypergong” and “Ultragong” on a monumental scale, targeting urban environments, islands, and large territories in the US, Middle East and Far East. With the new projects, the harmonic and regenerative power of Megagong is brought to a monumental scale.

The first pilot project for Hypergong was “ALBA AUREA” in Miami.

“ALBA AUREA” is a Hypergong combining sound, engineering, and alchemy. It’s oriented along the East-West axis to reflect the sun as a symbol of Miami (“The City of the Sun”) and as a symbol of life, power, and glory. Each day an attendant will give the official greeting to the sun, by playing the gong at dawn, at noon, and at sunset.

“ALBA AUREA” was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and the Golden Ratio or Divine proportion. This was said to be a reflection of the perfection of God, which can be found in geometry, nature, and the human body. The Golden Ratio is a special number equal to approximately 1.618, which relates to the Fibonacci sequence which shows the evidence of a sacred geometry throughout nature marking the rhythm of divine creation.

In 2019 Marco joined the Miami community with his showroom in the heart of the City. As a environmentally sensitive sonic artist, Marco felt the need for a symbol
of the dynamism, power, and radiant energy that finds his fulcrum in Miami

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