SonicMandala is an alchemical approach to sound stimulating the vision through resonance by esaphonics: a technique developed by ReImmortal to create a sonic bubble inside which the vision is generated.

Bystanders are immersed in the dark, lying on the ground, isolated from any physical distraction. Their own bodies provide a screen through which the Mandala comes forth and propagates to all the participants, who are no longer spectators, but co-creators of a collective work.

getting ready

Phase I of SonicMandala was presented in Rome in 2013 at Spazio Danza Contemporanea Duncan 3.0.
Phase II was presented in 2014 in a double simultaneous location: Duncan 3.0 and Spazio Interiore, with the Tibetologist Filippo Lunardi from Unversità La Sapienza di Roma.
Phase III was presented in 2016 at Centro Danza Balletto di Roma as part of the World Day of Dance under the Patronage of CID (Conseil International de la Danse) – UNESCO in Paris .
In February 2017 at Sala Santa Rita (former Santa Rita Church at Teatro Marcello), the entire cycle (Phase I, II, III) received the Patronage of the City of Rome. Under the same Patronage, SonicMandala was at Pelanda (ex-Factory) inside MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Arts in Rome) on June 2017.




JK - Sonic Mandala - 41