Megabell Templum

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Megabell Templum is the first prototype of Templum. This includes seven Megabells in an octagonal shape, where the eighth element is the entrance to the Temple, from which a walkway leads to the exact center. The entrance and walkway together are shaped as a “T” like Templum. One person at a time can be at the center and receive the sonic flows from all Megabells; the ensemble of these flows produces the Chakra activation. Each Megabell corresponds to a Chakra in both color and sound, and is designed to activate that Chakra.

Each Megabell can be played from outside and inside the bell. From the outside, the sonic flow is directed and concentrated on the front of the user’s body. From the inside, the sonic flow is uniformly directed over the whole body, obtaining a totally immersive “gong bath” effect, exponentially multiplied.

You can benefit from the sonic flow in three ways:

  1. Manual single Chakra path. You can activate a single Chakra playing the Megabell from the inside to have a complete sonic sorround bath. It is therapeutic especially in case of imbalance and disharmony of a single part of the body or a single sphere of one’s life.
  2. Manual total chakric activation . A ritual healing, needs seven people playing each Megabell
  3. Automatic activation using the CHAKRAPHONE app. This app will allow users to compose and share their composition. Users can compose their own healing path as music they can share with other users so they can upvote, like and comment. The same app can manage all three different Temples (Megabell, Mudra, Chakra) at once.

How can you “play” a song?

The seven Megabells are each associated with a note, and can be played either monophonically or polyphonically. The polyphony is dynamic, and uses programmable 16-note pattern sequences. The patterns are completely programmable and can be linked together to create your own personal healing songs, composed only of Megabells. Furthermore, anyone can play their favourite kind of music (techno, electro, trance, EBM…) by mixing their songs in the console with the sounds of Megabells, and performing them live in real time in the Templum.

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