MONO + 1 is Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal’s solo musical project, in partnership with excellent musicians in the field of experimentation.

Each piece is a single flow, a fluid and hypnotic progression rigorously improvised, light years away from traditional styles that blends jazz, ambient, drone and psychedelic in a unique sound.
The execution and recording do not undergo any kind of editing or reworking: what you hear is exactly what was produced from the first to the last instant, without cuts or overdubs.


MONO + 1 is an open project with the contribution of exceptional soloists:

  • Fabrizio Calcabrina – Drums.

    During his long carreer, he played with iconic musicians such as The Nice, Richard Sinclair, Daevid Allen, The Soft Machine, moving from progressive to jazz, from psychedelic to rock.

  • Raffaella Vigneri – Sax.

    Conservatory graduate. She approaches jazz with Angelo Schiavi, Enrico Ghelardi, Andrea Pace, Gianni Oddi and Micheal Rosen. Teacher and soloist virtuoso, she plays in string quartet, jazz quintet and orchestra with the role of first soprano saxophone.

  • Duccio De Rossi – Trumpet.

    Conservatory graduate. Duccio studied jazz with Lew Soloff, Cecil Bridgewater, Kile Gregory. Now he plays in big bands such as ‘Far-Fly’, ‘Jesol Band’, ‘Venezia Suona’.

  • MonkDog – Experimental Bass.
  • Claudio Sciamanna – Guitar.
  • Enzo Bachiocchi – Contrabbasso.

Past shows:

  • 20, Apr 2019 – ‘Mono+1=?’. MACRO (Museo Arte Contemporanea Roma).
  • 19, Jan 2019 –  Awards Ceremony “Artista dell’Anno 2019”. Palermo, Grand Hotel et des Palmes.
  • 24, Dec 2018 – Finissage 16. Biennale Architettura di Venezia, Concilio Europeo dell’Arte, Giardini della Biennale.

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