Mudra Templum

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MUDRA is a participatory sonic installation (meaning that the public will interact with) designed for the reactivation of the chakras according to the principles of traditional yoga philosophy.
MUDRA is part of a series of installations for healing called Templum. These are based on Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal’s MegaInstruments. These are inspired by traditional instruments on a monumental scale, and are the result of decades of sonic research that made Reimmortal so unique as a sound designer and sound engineer.

MUDRA Templum is made of seven distinct MegaXilophones tuned to the seven notes of the Chakras. It is a single installation that can be configured as fixed or as separate elements.

MUDRA Templum is wide and complex and yet simplified in order to be user-friendly. It can be played in three distinct modes:
• Manual,
• Semi-automatic,
• Fully automatic, thanks to the MUDRAPHONE: a dedicated app for smart devices.