Templum is the brand new project by Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal. The healing and regenerative power of sonic waves is brought to a higher scale, and become an healing path through the sonic power of Chakra.

Each Templum is designed to activate or re-activate a single Chakra or the whole Chakra system through a special fully immersive “gong bath” experience. This special experience can be conditioned, for example, to a paid workshop, courses, seminars, live exhibition by masters from all around the world can be activated in presence or in remote by using the Megabell app.

Templum can be easily set indoor or outdoor. Though the format stay the same, each Templum is unique and site specific.

Three different Templum are currently available:

Megabell Templum
Mudra Templum
Oracle Templum

Credits: https://www.briandcruzhypnoplus.com/

▸ Controller: activates and monitors the structure,
▸ CHAKRAPHONE app: can manage all three different Temples (Megabell, Mudra, Chakra) at once. Schedules and allows users to compose and share their composition.

▸ Activates the structure automatically without the need of manual striking. Giving full dynamic (volume levels) audio response from low to high,
▸ Controls striking of each note (to ensure they are not misused),
▸ Three different optional hammers giving harmonics by rubber, wood and metal mallets,
▸ Detects when structure requires tuning,
▸ Notifies administration if there is an issue with the structure,
▸ Keeps usage statistics to program preventive tuning, to ensure exact note is always played.

▸ Guidance on using the structure for general public (now step in to Anahatta Chakra, press “ready” when in Anahatta Chakra, etc.)
▸ Users can compose their own healing path as music and can share with other users so they can:
▸ Replay the composition,
▸ Upvote (like),
▸ Comment,
▸ Allows to predetermine healing sequence before the structure commences playing,
▸ Ensures that a person does not exceed maximum usage time,
▸ Schedule the slots available for public use and for private events,
▸ Charge users for healing sessions using their debit or credit cards.

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