TSP Trance-sonic painting

TSPTrance-SonicPainting is a performance in which the artist, driven solely by sound, becomes a medium capable of making the sensations aroused by sonic vibrations visible on the canvas.

The performance begins by generating a sound oscillation (a certain type of waveform) in order to induce a hypnotic trance similar to that provoked by mantras. In this state of consciousness the artist moves his hands and transposes the sound into the bidimensionality of the canvas, from which a series of definite images and signs begin to emerge. Once the picture has reached its full manifestation, the performance can be said to be complete.

The whole process is documented by a video footage that is an integral part of the work, together with the product framework.


“Espansione Zero”, trance-sonic painting. Rome, March 2018

First preview:
OperaOttava, Castello di Marostica (VI) Italy
31 March – 08 April 2018

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