Albero Sonico

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Albero Sonico Destrutturatologo-16MIA-ev_coll-2018Biennale di Venezia.

”Albero Sonico (Sonic Tree)” represents a further evolution of “Forest Dimmi”. The interaction between the ecosystem and the human being becomes even closer, requiring effective cooperation. The Sonic Tree responds to the visitor with sounds captured by special sensors.

A majestic tree now dry is the focus of the installation. The visitor is invited to “hug” the tree, in order to activate multiple sensors responding to the contact with sounds. The tree becomes an anode (-) in an electrochemical process whereof the visitor’s body is the cathode (+). At the same time hundreds of “Dimmi” hanging from the branches generate sounds in relation to the pressure of touch. The whole tree, from the trunk to the branches, responds to the frequency of the body intertwining a sonic dialogue now subtle, now powerful in a polyphonic ‘crescendo’.

The Sonic Tree is a sound exploration, and at the same time a reflection on communicativeness and on meta-linguistic interactions between living beings.
Sound is the most basic communication medium allowing an immediate reciprocal influence that goes far beyond formal language. Frequencies act as a means to communication that would otherwise be impossible, and activate an infinitely deeper understanding of our reality.

At the Venice Biennale, Marco realized Albero Sonico Destrutturatoas a site-specific installation for Borghi of Italy – #NO (F)EARTHQUAKE”Collateral Event of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2018. Find out more.

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