Music Productions

(1997 – 2006)

In 1997 Marco has founded the New Sound Revolution Studio in Rome. As a sound designer and producer, he has worked with most of the musicians involved in Rome’s electronic, new wave, electro, techno and chill out/ ambient scene.He is the founder and leader of both bands Ixtintiva and klaustrofobia, playing at Palladium, CircolodegliArtisti, PalaEur (now PalaLottomatica), BlackOut, Cube, Velvet.

In the Delta Studio in Rome Marco has had the chance to meet and support some of the greatest Italian artists of the time, such as Metamorfosi, Alunni del Sole, EdoardoVianello, Franco Califano, and Syria. He has recorded for Coro del Lazio and has produced the band StatiBradi, being afinalist at the TIM Tour in Palermo.
In 2002 Marco has written a song for Augusto Enriquez with Pavarotti&Friends along with many songs for Kevin Stea, Madonna’s famous ex-dancer. He’s the author of Susy Pintus’ medley that goes on air for the RAI 1 programme “UnoMattina” and the CANALE 5 programme “Buona Domenica”. He’s been responsible for the restoration of some of the most precious and unique first vinyl recordings of the famous singer Lucio Battisti, commissioned by the artist’s uncle, LelloSantori.

Marco has been the curator of the live concert of “Annabetz” in Rome at the Sistina. He has composed the soundtrack for “Alma”, a movie by Massimiliano Dau, and for the commercial “The HEAT: the challenge” by Anicaflash.
Together with Gianfranco Coletta, Marco has written the theme song for the exhibition “Angelita for Peace” under the Patronage of the City of Anzio as well as the anthem for the Italian A League basket team Enechem.

Marco has been invited as a lecturer in Sound and Applied Technologies by the University of Rome La Sapienza to “MusicArte”: an experiential workshop led by Massimo Attardi and Marco Tamburro for MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.

He has expressed his passion for visual arts by designing sounds for many contemporary exhibitions. Marco has created the sound design for “Cristalli liquidi” by painter Carlo Forti at L’Aquila’s Town Hall and “Volare” at Rome Ciampino Airport under the Patronage of Provincia di Roma and Regione Lazio.

In 2019, Marco has started his solo music project MONO +1, in partnership with excellent musicians in the field of experimentation.


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