HAA Harmonic Auto-Alignment

“Everyone is an oscillator, and plays as an instrument in the big concert of life.”

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HAA is Harmonic Alignment Sessions, based on self-repair.
It is a technique working on resonance. It can identify your main note, and scan a complete harmonic map of you. It ensures that your body and soul absorb the necessary frequencies to restore its natural balance.

HAA uses a mixed system of sound synthesis with both analog and digital sources, in order to overcome the limitations of traditional instruments. 

HAA includes:

    ●  Harmonic detection system
    ●  Harmonic emission system 

The two systems work in tandem and in real time. This ensures greater efficiency than gongs or bell baths. With HAA it is possible to analyze the absorption of frequencies, adjust the intensity and correct the flow, which cannot be achieved with traditional instruments.

Sessions types:

    ● Single-Chakra sessions (based on traditional yoga healing frequencies) 

    ● Full Harmonization (package of seven Single-Chakra sessions)

    ● Toroidal Harmonization (complete harmonic alignment in a single session) 

    ● OBE stimulation (induces Out-Of-Body Experience) 

You can choose: personal, couple, group, special at home.

An optional deeper scan can be performed in your home/office, creating an accurate map of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and resonance point of each room.

You are constantly exposed to the frequencies. Your home/work environment actively affects your balance on a daily basis.

A customized flow of frequencies will help the natural absorption of unbalanced emissions until a complete harmonic balance is achieved.

Discover the HEAVENLY SOUNDS channel on YouTube.

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