Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal

Basical facts:

    • Marco Guglielmi is sound designer, visual artist and performer. He has over thirty-five years of experience in the experimental research on sounds.

    • He acquired notoriety for his big conceptual installations showing an harmonic vision of vibrating sonic bodies.

    • For “SonicMandala” he received the Patronage of CID (Conseil International de la Danse) – UNESCO in Paris and of the Municipality of Rome.

    • With Stefania Minutaglio he founded 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery, focusing on avantgarde art on the international scene.

    • In 2017 At the IX Biennial of Florence with “ComPUSter” he wins the 5th Award ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ for the Installation category.

    • During the 57th Venice Biennale, he shows his first retrospective exhibition inside the Church of Abbazia della Misercordia in Venice.

    • In 2018 Marco announces his new Project TSP Trance Sonic Painting and the expansion of the “Albero e Foresta Dimmi” and “Albero Sonico” in natural and site-specific environements.

    • With “Albero Sonico Destrutturato” and “Operazione Dimmi Amatrice” Marco joins “Borghi of Italy – #NO(F)EARTHQUAKE”, Collateral Event of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2018.

    • In 2019 he has a three weeks solo show in MACRO (Museo Arte Contemporanea Roma) – presenting “Tronco e Foresta Sonica | Sonic Trunk and Sonic Forest”.

    • In 2019 He opens his own showroom in Miami, 2200 Biscayne Blv.

    • In 2019 He joins SCOPE MIAMI during the Art Basel Week with “Stargate | WALLS“.

    • In 2020 he joins SCOPE N.Y. during the Armory Week with “MEGAGONG“.

Marco Guglielmi is visual artist and performer, videomaker and sound designer.
He has over thirty-five years of experience in the field of the experimental research on sounds. Marco starts working in digital/analogue editing and recording in the middle of the 80’s, being a pioneer in Italy.

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At the beginning of the new millenium Marco focuses on video productions for bands and dj’s and for art exhibitions, theatre and dance.

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Finally in the last decade Marco concentrates on performative and visual arts, creating sculptures and installations of arte informale marked by the confluence of all media and by a strong experimental attitude. He has now a leading role in the italian avant-garde scene.

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